My Story

Dr. Anjum Kumbkarni, MD

I’m Anjum Kumbkarni, MD

I am Board Certified in Internal Medicine and practice in Tampa, Florida. Over the last 25 years of my interaction with my patients (how blessed I am, to have touched and be touched by all these lovely and loving lives), I have come to a realization that human body has great, innate healing powers. Medical and Surgical interventions when needed have much better outcome, when we empower our bodies to heal or stay healthy. When I am with my patients, I enjoy the one to one interaction and want them to know about their self-healing power. I have been wanting to reach out to as many people as I can, so we go on this path of learning together. Please walk with me on this beautiful blissful journey…..

A little bit more about me…..Previously, I have lived in Connecticut (the beautiful Yale), Buffalo, NY with all its wondrous snow and that is where I did my residency in medicine, and the one and only, New York City. Pre-previously I lived in India where I was born and that is where I grew up and went to medical school.

I was on a traditional medicine path till some years back, when I realized that a lot more can be done other than prescribing medicines alone. I diagnosed my Botanist scholar dad with Parkinsonism when I asked him, one day, to get a bottle of ketchup from the top shelf.

When I saw the inertia and the time it took him to swing his arm up, is when I realized that he had this neurological condition. Taking care of my father as his doctor daughter gave me a different perspective of illness and health. My dad’s journey became my journey too, because, I owe every cell of me, to my parents, literally and figuratively.

My trips to India to visit my parents, gave me enormous amount of time with me, on the airports. The flights started becoming so familiarly comfortable, from Tampa to Newark and onto Delhi, and then, the train journey to my home town, Amritsar. I thought a lot, read a lot, and the more I read on varied topics, my desire to acquire knowledge compounded. Two doors down my home in India, I would attend yoga and meditation classes at sunrise in the airy courtyard and hear the birds chirping and welcoming me every time I would go. Even though, I had visited the Golden Temple in my hometown uncountable number of times in the past, now, was the time that I felt its power and energy. I had the privilege of visiting Dharamsala, the home of The Dalai Lama and practiced meditation with the monks there. It was an enriching and unbelievable spark that I felt there. I went to Haridwar and Rhishikesh in the foothills of the Himalayas. The river Ganges brings the strength, the power and the poise of the Himalayas. I experienced meditation and spent time with learned sages and yogis. The energy, the aura and the blessings of all these places and people gradually helped me understand who I am. The practice of mindfulness and meditation has helped me, my family, and my patients.

In my medical practice, I see patients with different problems. A large number of the patients have uncopiable stress, depression, and anxiety. Stress causes or worsens a lot of medical conditions. This fast paced world, the deadlines and the attempt to do more is taking us away from how we were made to be. I went to Harvard Mind Body Clinic (started by Dr. Benson in 1980’s) to learn more about the research on stress, what it does, and how we can achieve relaxation. I wish to continue connecting the science and art of medicine. I want everyone to have the blessing of seeing how pretty it all is, when we look inside us and when we learn who we truly are. I am an ordinary human and one of my favorite songs is Ordinary Human by One Republic.


Let us all learn (and unlearn some) to be healthy, happy, and human again.