Meditative Art

What is art meditation?

In our daily life when we get bored at home, we switch on TV and when nothing interesting comes, we end up even more bored. At work to take a break we start surfing net or get into chat with friends. But there are some who start doodling on paper. Effortlessly. And sometimes they get so lost in a kind of meditative state, that they forget their surroundings. It gives a much desired and satisfying break from the world of … read more

Morning Ritual

Morning Rituals

It was my practice to sit at my desk at 5.30 every morning and it was also my practice to allow myself no mercy. – Anthony Trollope

Trollope, a 19th century novelist wrote more than 50 books in his lifetime, most of them while working on his day job as a civil servant. If you think waking up at 5.30 every morning to write, would have taken immense discipline, let me introduce Trollope’s mother, Frances Trollope, an acclaimed novelist … read more

The Healing Sleep

The Healing Sleep

“Sleep is the best meditation”
Dalai Lama

We all rely on a good quality sleep, to keep functioning optimally. Sleep is the time to heal at night and helps us rejuvenate to a brand new day. It has been observed and proved scientifically, that people who sleep well have less risk of developing high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, dementia, and cancer.

Studies show that reading from a screen of your phone or iPad before going to bed makes it … read more

Pineal Gland - Gateway To Universe

Pineal Gland (Third Eye, Gateway to Universe)

Pineal Gland is a small (1/3rd of an inch long) pine cone shaped endocrine gland located in the deep center of the brain. It is also called the Third Eye, because it has the same rods and cones cells which are also in our retina. This gland is situated deep in the brain and helps us see even in darkness. It is supposed to be the doorway or our connection with the Energy of the Universe. French Philosopher Rene Decartes, … read more

True Grit - Resilience

True Grit (Resilience)

Baumgardner and Crothers in the chapter on Resilience in their Positive Psychology textbook lead with this moving study and it made sense to me to start this piece with the study as it establishes a very important fact, that children possess the quality of resilience at a very young age, without being taught or trained, which made me think that resilience is not a very exclusive quality that is hard to acquire, but perhaps is something we are born with … read more

Just Breathe - Scenery

Just Breathe!

Have you thought of your breath today?

Probably not, unless reminded by your smart watch to breathe! We take our breath for granted. Breath is a phenomenon, the presence of which gives us the status of being alive. The rhythm of breath starts from when we are born, and goes on till the Last breath. The main and the primary purpose of breathing is to supply the body with oxygen, and to remove excess carbon dioxide from the body. Oxygen … read more

Just Breathe

Mindfulness on to Meditation

Mindfulness in every moment is practical meditation. It leads to a state of mind, which is calm in every moment. This calmness, then leads to a state of higher bliss. Being in this moment and being in now is all we have. Being in the present moment is all that we have in our hands. Doing it happily and by feeling it, being in it and not worrying about what has happened already and is beyond our control, and, what … read more